RN Masks was founded during the Covid-19 crisis to help provide essential workers & frontline workers, as well as others in need of protective covering, with high quality facemasks. We specialize in crafting comfortable, practical, & aesthetically pleasing masks made sustainably in both Vietnam and Boston. We can accommodate both individual orders and large-scale shipments. If you’d like to partner with us, we can be reached at (insert customer service email). Through the RN Wellness brand, we hope to help people worldwide adjust to the new normal.

Our Textiles

We purchase our textiles used in our “Supernova Mask” directly from Hmong artisans in Southeast Asia. These textiles are created by cutting up traditional Hmong skirts, and can take up to sixth whole months to make. Because our textiles are fastened out of skirts worn by Hmong women on special occasions, we cherish the time and effort put into their creation.

Our Promise

RN Wellness is a fair trade and ethical company. We use sustainable materials and textiles that we purchase directly from Hmong artisans, ensuring that the price is fair. We are very transparent with the artisans regarding our plans to repurpose the textiles for our products. We promise to always be honest, pay a fair price, and respect the Hmong artisans and their culture.

Our Community

RN Wellness seeks to unite people and cultures globally for a common cause: to show that we care for each other’s well being. Wearing a facemask is a preventative measure. Wearing a facemask is showing your love for other people and their integrity. Through our brand of comfortable and sustainable face masks, we hope to not only help people in a very material way, by mitigating disease, but also to act as a symbol of hope, a hope that occurs when people come together for a common cause.

Check out Rafi Nova x RN Masks on local Boston news. We discussed how we are doing our part to help frontline and essential workers in need by supplying protective face masks, including masks for kids. If you or anyone you know needs a donation, please reach out to us via our contact page.


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