In Depth Benefits

Customer Service

We help provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients including installation of your LN machine, on-going maintenance and servicing, & sourcing and installing replacement parts.

No More Deliveries

Produce and store our own supply of nitrogen on-hand, ensuring that you always have the LN you need.

Easy Installation

Reliable and efficient on-site plug and produce cryogenic solution. Simply connect the power and press start for the machine to automatically produce liquid nitrogen when needed.

Compace + Accessible Storage

The liquid nitrogen is stored within a suitable sized vacuum insulated tank and the product can be dispensed using its specially designed front loading flask dispenser.

Lasting Value

With high-quality technology and compact parts, the average lifespan of the TRITON is 15 years.


Liquid Nitrogen Production 0.42
Liquid Nitrogen Purity >99% (<1.0% O2)
Liquid Nitrogen Tank Volume (Litres) 50
Liquid Nitrogen Pressure (bar g) Up to 1.5*
Power Consumption (Kw) 1.5
Power Supply (10 + neutral and earth) 110 - 240 50/60Hz
LN2 enclosure foot print 0.6m x 0.8m
LN2 enclosure height 1.7m
LN2 enclosure weight 180Kg
Noise Level <60 dBA